For those of you who like to golf, it’s good to get in shape pre-season!!  You will have more endurance when you start out and less soreness the next few days, not to mention it may improve your game!

There are 5 physical aspects to golf.

  • MOBILITY will give you optimal swing angles
  • STABILITY will give you a consistent swing
  • BALANCE AND BODY AWARENESS is for a solid base
  • STRENGTH will give you fatigue-free golf
  • EXPLOSIVE POWER for those longer drives

Of course, to get EXPLOSIVE POWER you need to have a stable base with good balance and stability, as well as the mobility to get the club where it should be and the strength to send the ball flying!  So you really can’t just focus on the one area.  But if you know you have a weakness in a certain physical aspect, you might spend more time there.

I will highlight one exercise in each area.

MOBILITY: Spinal mobility is key, as it allows the pelvis and shoulder to move as they need to.

Do these stretches with a 5 sec. hold, for 10 repetitions daily.  The standing one can be done holding to the pole of the golf cart before and/or after you play.


To prevent hip sway and slide, and to allow consistent flush contact with the ball, try this:

Stand on 1 leg.  Move your arms into a T and bend at the waist.  Rotate your torso left, then right for 15 repetitions.  Switch legs and repeat.



From the top of the backswing to contact with the ball to follow-through, you have 1/5 of a second!  The golfer needs to accelerate the club from 0 mph to 100 mph at impact.  Power is the ability to perform strong movements very quickly.  For power in your swing, you need to build up your strength, but also to incorporate speed into your exercises…  to train the body’s nervous system to react faster.  Be sure to warm-up before doing your power drills, because there is more risk of injury with increased speed.

Using a medicine ball and doing throwing drills is helpful.  Also fine-tune your pushup into a “Plyometric Pushup” by pushing as hard and fast as you can, so that your hands come off the ground.

Get in your usual pushup position.

Lower toward the ground. Then pushup hard and fast

so your hands come off the ground.

Land with your elbows bent slightly and repeat.

See you on the course!!!

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