"I watched my sister recuperate from a breast reduction when I was in junior high school and it was terrifying. It was something that I never wanted to go through for myself, but I had to strongly consider it. I wear a large bra, size unfamiliar at this point. For the first time in my life after I turned thirty years old I was suffering severe back pain and it was associated to having large breasts. I always expected and was told that it would be my lower back that would hurt, but it was my mid back right underneath the bra band.  I also started noticing that my hands were tingling, especially early in the morning and while driving. I tried every carpal tunnel exercise in the book and nothing relieved the symptoms. Then my back would ache when I would stand for short periods of time. Grocery shopping, sitting on the couch and folding laundry was the worst. Entering age thirty one I decided to get some treatment for it so I called a chiropractor’s office.
“We will have to schedule you for a consultation, X- Rays, and adjustments” the lady on the other end said. This is going to cost me a fortune with my insurance and I have to wait a week to get in to see someone I was thinking to myself. I felt like I was going crazy so I  googled back pain, Brewer, Maine and it landed me on Brewer Physical Therapy and Spine Clinic’s website. I called and got in that same afternoon for an evaluation, and it was 1/8th the cost that I would have had to pay to see the chiropractor.
I arrived and was instructed to fill out a questionnaire about my back pain, then I met with Anne and she asked me questions about my back pain and did some measurements on flexibility and range of motion. After our meeting we went out into the exercise room where I was instructed on bending backwards also known as backbends and what looked like upward dog in a yoga position known as press ups. My back pain and hand numbness was immediately gone and continues to stay away. All I have to do is stretch my back once or twice a week. In conclusion I learned that physical therapy is an incredible service available and it has certainly helped me with my back pain."   -MW


"I wanted to thank you for helping me so much with managing my back pain.  Last Sunday, I was able to meet my goal and finished my first ever marathon in 4:20:07.  I have had some flare ups, but I am able to get them back in check pretty quickly by using the Mackenzie method.  I am back to strength training again as opposed to just running and am definitely feeling it, but feel confident I have the tools to move forward successfully."


"Anne Knowles' knowledgeable and effective treatment helped me to avoid back surgery- I am very grateful!"

"My back/lower back and leg had been giving me unbearable pain for about six months and I tried a lot of different ways to help fix the problem but it wasn't until I started physical therapy with Anne that I started to see an improvement after the first visit!!"


"Thank you for all the helpful P.T. sessions earlier this year. I am doing my exercises every day and using my "magic" pillow roll. Whenever I have pain, I do what you taught me and it works. Life is good!"
-Jean M.

"Feedback I have received from the patients that have been under her care has been consistently positive both in regards to her interpersonal communication skills, her professionalism, and the success of her interventions. I can recommend her to you with the highest enthusiasm and without reservations."
-P. Just, MD

"You have helped me to gain part of my life back, now I am headed on the right track."

"You made me smile, the encouragement I'll remember for a long while. "

"If anyone had told me Physical Therapy would make me feel this good, I wouldn't have believed them! But it does!"

"I never thought therapy would help, I thought an operation would be better... but I found out I feel a lot better with therapy. Thanks."

"Anne Knowles listened carefully to the issues I was having, acted promptly with suggestions and actions to take, and within weeks the severe pain I was in subsided tremendously. Thank you for all the help."

"Best money I ever spent."

"Good work, good fun, good (excellent) results", "Couldn't have been better, Anne is wonderful."

"I was a doubter in the beginning, but a believer in the end. Thank you."


"I would like to thank Anne for the gentleness that was used yet at the same time worked to relieve my pain with such care. I've had PT before for muscle damage in my back at the belt  line and it was far from what I received from your program. Don't change whats not broken. Thank you Anne."

L. K.

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